Friday, September 18, 2009



This form of dynamic yoga focuses on the third and fourth limbs of yoga – the asanas, or postures, and pranayama, or extension of the breath. This book provides a sequence of yoga postures and transition moves that exercises your body and draws your attention to the way the breath can work with the body, helping you to extend it. The transition moves allow you to move your body naturally from one posture to another in a continuous flow, helping you to maintain your concentration and work toward the fifth limb of yoga – pratyahara.

The series of dynamic postures and transition moves presented in this book is just one of many possible sequences that can be developed using the interconnecting movements of the Sun Salutations. The entire series will take you at least 90 minutes to complete and offers a very thorough workout of all muscle groups. At the back of the book I have also suggested two shorter programs – one of 60 minutes and one of 30 minutes – that you might like to try if your time is limited. If on any particular day you are very short of time, simply practice the Sun Salutations – both A and B – several times. Remember, five minutes spent practicing dynamic yoga twice a day is more effective than two hours practiced once a week.

Whichever length of program you choose, with regular practice, you will find that not only will your physical body improve, but also your ability to focus and your level of awareness will be enhanced.

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