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Sun Salutation A

The Sun Salutation sequences warm up the body and draw the attention to the rhythm of the breath. Each movement is synchronized to an inhalation or exhalation. Sun Salutation A builds up muscular strength and is particularly important for strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It can also alleviate depression and anxiety. This is a very important technique in Dynamic Yoga.

1 Tadasana Stand tall, your feet together, arms by your sides. Distribute your weight equally across the soles of your feet and spread the toes evenly. Exhaling, draw the lower belly in and up, and raise the center of the perineum as you lifts the core of your body, bringing awareness to mulabandha.
Gaze straight ahead.

2 Raised Tadasana Inhaling, sweep your arms out to the sides of the body and raise them high above your head. Press your palms together at the end of the breath. Look up at your thumbs.

3 Uttanasana Exhaling, pull back the pubic bone and fold your body forward. Place your hands flat on the floor either side of, and parallel to, your feet. At the end of the exhale, gaze at your navel.

4 Ardha Uttanasana Inhaling, look up, lifting the torso halfway up. Straighten the spine and pull back the pubic bone. Straighten your arms and place your fingertips on the floor. Gaze slightly forward.

5 Transition Begin exhaling as you bend your knees to crouch. Place your hands flat on the floor in front of your toes. Shift your weight forward evenly into your hands, as though about to do a handstand.

6 Transition Hop backward as you continue exhaling. Use your core body strength to lift your feet off the ground and propel your legs backward. Keep your legs straight and strong, landing on your toes with your feet hip-width apart.

7 Chaturanga Dandasana Exhaling, fully engage your muscles and lower your body evenly until it is 4–6in (10–15cm) above, and parallel to, the floor in the push-up position. Keep your bent elbows in very close to your sides and directly above your wrists. Gaze down.

8 Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Inhaling, push off the balls of your feet, rolling your feet forward over the tips of your toes. Straighten your arms and pull your hips forward. Lift your chest up so that your whole body is raised completely off the floor. Point your toes and gaze straight ahead.

9 Adho Mukha Svanasana exhaling pushes your hips up, rolling back over your toes and lowering the heels onto the floor. If you cannot set your feet flat on the floor, bend the knees slightly and let the heels lift off as much as you need. Spread out your fingers and lift the sitting bones up toward the ceiling. Stretch out your arms, lift the kneecaps, and firm the muscles at the front of your thighs. Gaze at the navel.

10 Transition Prepare to hop forward. Begin exhaling as you bend your knees and look forward between the hands. Move all of your weight into the hands as though you were going to do a handstand. Lift the hips up high, ready to push off on the balls of your feet.

11 Transition Continue exhaling as you hop forward. Push off the feet and straighten the legs, keeping the hips high in the air. Engage both uddiyana and mula bandha to lift the torso. Keep your arms straight and shoulder-width apart. Gaze down between the hands.

12 Transition At the end of the exhale, land in a crouch with your feet together and between your hands. Keep your palms flat on the floor throughout the move. Gaze down.

13 Ardha Uttanasana inhaling lifts your torso halfway up. Look slightly forward and straighten the spine. Touch the floor with your fingertips, just in front of your toes.

14 Uttanasana Exhaling, fold your body in half, drawing the navel to the spine to engage uddiyana bandha. Keep your legs firm and straight by lifting the kneecaps. Extend the crown of the head toward the floor. Bring the palms of your hands down to the floor beside your feet. Gaze at your navel.

15 Raised Tadasana Inhaling, sweep your arms out to the side and up, bringing the palms together above your head. Gaze up toward the thumbs. Lengthen the waist without hunching the shoulders.

16 Tadasana Exhaling, sweep your arms back out to the sides and down straight close to the body, palms inward. Standing tall, extend through the crown of the head. Face forward.

These are very useful and promising method in Dynamic Yoga.

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