Saturday, October 3, 2009



Half Moon

The shape of the body in this Dynamic yoga pose resembles the outline of a half moon, and in Sanskrit ardha means "half" and Chandra means "moon." This asana is excellent for improving your balance and concentration, and it also tones the lower back muscles. If you find it difficult to balance, place your back against a wall for stability. Hold the pose for five to eight breaths on the right side of the body, and then repeat on the left.

1 With feet wide apart and toes pointing forward, place your hands on your hips. Inhaling, turn the right foot out 90° and the left slightly inward. Extend arms, palms facing downward. Gaze at your right middle finger.

2 Exhaling, bend your right knee and place the right fingertips on the floor in front and a little to the outside of the right foot. Shift more weight onto the right foot and rest the left arm on the torso. Gaze down at your right hand.

3 Continue exhaling as you shift all the weight onto the right foot and lift the left leg until it is parallel to the floor. Raise the left arm and point toward the ceiling. Extend the spine and the back of the neck. Hold for five to eight breaths. Inhale to return to step 1, and repeat on the other side. Jump out to the side ready for the next pose.


If you are unable to reach the floor with your right hand without bending your right leg, place your hand on a block and keep the standing leg straight. Align your right wrist with your shoulder, and your left arm with your right. Gaze up at your left thumb.

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