Sunday, October 4, 2009



Warrior A

In this part of the Warrior sequence in Dynamic yoga, the arms are held straight up, like a warrior's sword, in the prayer position. Take on the spirit of the warrior and make your body so strong that no one can push you over. This posture helps to loosen any stiffness in the neck and reduces fat around the hips. Hold the pose for five to eight breaths, and then repeat on the left.

1 With feet very wide apart and toes pointing forward, place your hands on your hips. Inhaling, turn the entire body 90° to the right. Turn the left foot inward to allow the left hip to move forward and the right hip to move back.

2 Continue inhaling as you reach out with your arms to the sides and then up to the ceiling. Place the palms of your hands together above your head in the prayer position. Gaze forward.

3 Exhaling bend your right knee 90° so that it is positioned above the center of your right ankle. Draw down the back of your body while lifting the perineum to engage Mula Bandha. Push the outside of the left heel and the base of the big right toe into the mat. Gaze up at your thumbs. Hold the full pose for five to eight breaths. Inhale to return to step 1, and repeat on the other side. Then jump back to the top of the mat and prepare to jump out to the side ready to flow into the next pose.

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