Tuesday, November 17, 2009



WHEN you feel angry, there is no need to be angry against someone; just be angry. Let it be a meditation. Close the room, sit by yourself, and let the anger come up as much as it can. If you feel like beating, beat a pillow.

Do whatsoever you want to do; the pillow will never object. If you want to kill the pillow, have a knife and kill it! It helps, it helps tremendously. One can never imagine how helpful a pillow can be. Just beat it, bite it, and throw it. If you are against somebody in particular, write their name on the pillow or stick a picture on it.

You will feel ridiculous, foolish, but anger is ridiculous; you cannot do anything about it. So let it be and enjoy it like an energy phenomenon. It is an energy phenomenon. If you are not hurting anybody there is nothing wrong in it. When you try this you will see that the idea of hurting somebody by and by disappears.

    Make it a daily practice – just twenty minutes every morning. Then watch the whole day. You will be calmer, because the energy that becomes anger has been thrown out; the energy that becomes a poison is thrown out of the system. Do this for at least two weeks, and after one week you will be surprised to find that whatsoever the situation, anger is not coming up. Just give it a try.

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