Friday, January 1, 2010



This center, known as Sahaswara, is visualized as a lotus flower at the crown of the head. When the lotus unfolds its petals, the memory of wholeness is restored. You remember that your essential nature is unbounded and that you are spirit in disguise as a person. This is the full expression of yoga—the unification of being with action, of universality with individuality.
The Law of Pure Potentiality governs the seventh chakra. When your roots are receiving nourishment from the earth in the first chakra, your creative juices are flowing in the second, your intentions are empowered in the third, your heart is open and exchanging love with those around you in the fourth, you are spontaneously expressing your highest self in the fifth, and you are in touch with your inner voice in the sixth, then energy moves into the crown chakra and you remember your essential nature as infinite and unbounded. The thousand-petaled lotus flower unfolds and you know yourself as a spiritual being temporarily localized to a body and mind.
As you recognize the universality underlying your individuality, you gain access to your full potential. Your identity shifts from local to nonlocal, from constricted to expanded. Fear and anxiety dissipate because you lose your attachment to specific outcomes, trusting that the universe is unfolding in the most evolutionary way possible.
The color of the seventh energy center is violet. It is associated with the sense of compassion that comes from recognizing another as a reflection of yourself. The sense is the inner light that radiates from the eternal flame of sacred wisdom.
The mantra to nurture the seventh chakra is Aum.