Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ANGEL MEDITATION - (VISUALIZATION: To get in touch with your Guardian Angel)

ANGEL MEDITATION - (VISUALIZATION: To get in touch with your Guardian Angel)

1. Sit comfortably where it is quiet and you will be undisturbed.
2. If possible light a candle and dedicate it to your connection with your Angel.
3. Breathe comfortably. On the in-breath focus on love and on the Out-breath, peace.
4. When you feel relaxed, breathe in love and breathe out the color gold until you are in a golden cocoon.
5. Imagine, sense or think that your guardian angel is in front of you. You may sense a touch or smell a perfume, or nothing may happen. Trust that your angel is close, drawn in by you thinking about it.
6. Clearly formulate your question for your angel.
7. Sit quietly, for a few minutes focusing on relaxing your body.
8. You may receive a reply during this time, but you may have to wait, for Answers are often dropped in later when you least expect them.
9. You have opened up during this exercise, so imagine you are pulling your Aura in, like a cloak, and place a symbol of protection, such as a cross or an Ankh, in front, behind, to either side, below and above you. You may also like to put a circle of golden light around yourself.
10. Then open your eyes.
11. Be patient! Repeat this visualization daily until you receive your answers. As you get more used to communicating with your angel, ask your questions when you have a quiet moment, perhaps when you are going for a walk, driving the car or when you are out in the garden. But remember to let your mind stop whirling for long enough to hear the reply. You can also ask for elucidation last thing at night before you go to sleep. The response may come in a dream or as a realization during the next few days.
Answers do not necessarily come in the way you expect. You may have a sudden thought or awareness, but you are more likely to hear a friend say something which encapsulates the response. You may hear it on the radio or read it in a book. The angels will make sure it is presented to you in some way. Your task is to remain alert and listening.
Connecting with angels changed and inspired my life. It can do the same for yours. I am a most curious person and have asked the angels many questions over the years — and have always received an answer.
Sometimes it is that I am not yet ready to understand their reply! However, here are the angelic responses I received to some of life’s conundrums, and I hope you find them comforting, helpful and inspiring.
Remember that for every problem there is a solution at a higher level, and the angels can help you find it. All you have to do is ask.